Welding fabrication is what our technicians do best! It takes a special hand. Our welders strength ranges from decocrative to structural.

United Structures hires trusted general contractors to get the job done.

Moreover, our work ethic, and loyal following has earned us a great reputation!

We have welding degrees and have been in this industry for years.

Why hire us?

At United Structures we are proud to specialize in a wide range of welding processes.

Moreover, we understand welding, fabrication is an essential component of many industries such as the automotive industry, the construction industry and much more.

Nevertheless, without this form of metal work, so many things, including many buildings, gates, and fences, small kitchen appliances, and vehicles.


Our welders are fully certified for multiple procedures. Furthermore, we provide on-site welding services, experienced field personnel, always providing a quick turnaround on any project. There is no project too large or too small for United Structures.


First, we provide custom metal fabrication specializing in structural steel. Second, we work with stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. And finally, we will supply steel at any quantity.


Along with structural steel, beams, our experienced field crew can install guardrail, handrail, steel balconies and decking, stairs, trash enclosures, and much more!

Why call us for your welding, fabrication or installation project?

We know what we’re doing!

 We also realize the unique needs of each of our customers. Therefore we are able to customize a solution in any given situation.

 Rest assured we have loads of experience

United Structures professionals have the experience you're looking for.

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts, or individuals who don't have sufficient experiences repairing could spoil your project. Consequently, increase its total project cost. Whereas, United Structures professionals do their job to a level of expertise. 

We have all the correct equipment.

You will need to buy tools for your project. Being the contractors that we are, we make sure we have all the tools and equipment in order to complete any project!