Have Dryrot? Replacing your siding can be a big undertaking. Our Contractors understand and are here to help. Whether, it's on a residential house or business locations. Before taking matters into your own hands there is a need for a concrete plan. And, a part of this plan is to hire professionals to handle a project of any size.

Why call us for your dry rot or siding replacement?

United Structures has experience in removing old siding, repairing and installing. Hiring our technicians to install your siding will be the best decision you can make. 

In fact we will present clients with a wide range of siding options. Including vinyl, aluminum siding, and fiber cement siding options. Our licence contractors aim to provide home and businesses with the best siding options available in Salem - Portland and its surrounding areas. 

Hiring our technicians for your installation or repair will leave you with little worry at all. To explain, we are extremely knowledgeable on these types of repair, installation. And our team of experts can meet up with you for an evaluation on your specific situation. 

5 reasons you need new siding! 

1. You need new siding if your siding has begun having dry rot or crumble. Whether, it might be a small problem area, a particular side or perhaps it an entire area.

It's important to maintain many reasons. First and foremost, it's essential and if it's in bad condition it cannot perform its vital role.

In cases of small damage, you may be able to repair only the affected area. But if the rotting has spread across the exterior, United Structures can help you start over with new siding. 

2. Holes and cracks are unpleasant to see on an exterior part of any building. Sure, but such outward imperfections are not only threatening the appearance of your home.

They are compromising its structure integrity!  Furthermore, they're holding moisture and even inviting critters and insects.  

3. If you no longer have the time or energy to maintain your exterior siding, United Structures understands and can help.

Besides, not only do our technicians prioritize your project we also work hard to meet deadlines.  

4. Not thinking of selling? Or maybe you are? New siding doesn't just look amazing and add curb appeal which in return adds value to your property.

It protects your property, whether it's on the market or not. New and updated exterior walls will shield your home from rain damage, ice, storms, heat and much more. 

5. Finally, do yourself a favor and inspect your home (inside and out).

Specifically, any bulging, warped siding panels or effects of moisture buildup? That can also be indicators that you need new installation or repair is needed.

Furthermore, it can be a warning of hazards hidden.

Please, when you're confronted with evidence United Structures urges you to call and consult our pros. 

Where do we service and how else can we help?

Not only are we the best but we are conveniently located in Salem and Portland areas. But, we will do all the heavy lifting, cutting and leveling that comes with hiring a siding contractor. Call us today for a quote on your project!