Exterior Maintenance

Got clogged gutters, moss or grime? Our technicinas can help!

United Structures contractors are trained in exterior maintenance such as pressure washing and gutter cleaning in order to protect the intergity property.

What is considered exterior maintenance?

Exterior maintenance is not just painting/staining your fence or tree services - for example. There are other services which we provide for the exterior of your home such as:


  • Gutter Cleaning  

Benefits of gutter cleaning include protecting your siding, preventing roof leaks, interior damage, and even foundation cracks. 


  • Pressure washing

Not only is pressure washing a great way to keep your fence or deck looking spotless and pristine. Furthermore, it also keeps them virus free for your friends, family and clients.


Why call our crew for your exterior maintenance?

One of the reasons why you should call a professional is: to maintain peace in your home. Our contractors are experts who can complete the task on time. Alleviating stress that can come with do-it-yourself projects. It can also save you from getting injured. Taking on exterior maintenance projects is not an easy task and we know it. Moreover, we take it seriously in order to be in and out without disrupting your day. 


Comparatively, our customers call us for their projects because:

  1. We know what we are doing - rest assured our contractors have loads of experience! We also realise the unique needs of each project. Therefore, we are able to customize a solution in any given situation. United Structures crew members can gutter clean and pressure wash any property (residential or commercial). 
  2. Coupled with having the experience you are looking for we also have the tools necessary. A weekend project for a non-professional could be a couple of hours for us!  You won't need to buy expensive tools for gutter cleaning or pressure washing. Needless to mention, these tools are not cheap. And so with that said, being the contractors that we are we make sure we have all the tools and equipment in order to complete any exterior maintenance project. 
  3. It saves you time and money when hiring a professional. Do-it-yourself enthusiastic who do not have sufficient experience can spoil your project(s). Consequently, increasing its total project cost. Whereas, United Structures professionals do their job to a level of expertise. 


Why call us?

You can avoid the hassle that comes with pressure washing your home, fence or even driveway. By hiring us to handle this process for you will only help you complete the needed projects in a timely manner. United Structures technicians will provide maintenance on the exterior so you don't have too. We have tons of experience in gutter cleaning Portland and gutter cleaning Salem. Our team have the equipment and machines needed for pressure washing Portland and pressure washing Salem. Finally, our contractors can assure our work will come out great! Get in touch with one of our team members to undertake your project today. And leave your worries to our professionals. 

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