Excavation is what our technicians do best! Not only do our contractors excavate for residential properties. We also assist commercial properties acheive their goals. Additionally, United Structures specializes in trenching and other forms of excavation. And as a result, our work ethic, and loyal following has earned us a great reputation!

Constructing the future one project at a time!

We at United Structures approach each project creatively, looking for the most cost-effective way to achieve the end goal; while preserving the higher standards in the field. Our contractors perform high quality residential and commercial exaction services and help your project be a successful one. Our customers are top priority. 




Service area?

Our excavating team conveniently serves excavation Salem and excavating Portland. Rest assured our contractors are extremely knowledgeable on local ordinances and can complete any projects located in Salem - Portland and its surrounding areas. 


How can we help?

Whether its a new major excavation or a small one. Our team members are qualified experts for any size of excavation project. General Contractors hired by United Structures can help design a new excavation project such as trenching, or levelling. We do it all! Additionally, our General Contractors have the experience and machines for this type of job. There is no trench or excavating job too small or too big for us! We offer competitive bids and our excavating contractors get the job done on time. Furthermore, our trusted techs can offer you invaluable recommendations regarding placement and we will cushion you from expensive excavation mistakes that are inconvenient and difficult to rectify. United Structures understand that a project done well will add value to your commercial or residential real estate. We will ensure we do a thorough job - that will increase the market value, enhance or make your property functional. Moreover, common mistakes will be avoided entirely. This is crucial for any project. Especially, when planning to resell your property in the future. 

In conclusion, hiring our excavation contractors will only make the job faster and stress free. We offer our expertise which only works to your advantage. Thus, as a property owner, consider all these advantages keenly and choose us for a project. For your excavation needs, contact our professionals at United Structures happily servicing the Salem, Oregon and Portland, Oregon metro areas.

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