Crown molding and trim is what our contractors do best!

United Structures hires trusted general technicians to get the job done. Moreover, our work ethic, and loyal following has earned us a great reputation!

Where in Oregon do we service?

Our technicians have been proudly service the Portland - Salem and its surrounding areas for all their molding and trim needs.

What kind of molding or trim is right for me?

Rest assure our contractors are extremely knowledgeable on different types of molding or trim. Moreover, we take everything in consideration in order to recommend the correct style or decor. 

How else can we help you?

Whether it's a new installation or a repair. Additionally, our technicians are qualified experts for any style of crown molding and trim options. 

For instance, general contractors hired by United Structures can remove damaged trim and install new trim of your liking. We do it all there is no job too small or too big for our contractors! As a result, we offer competitive bids and our contractors get every job done on time.

Our builders can offer you invaluable recommendations regarding placement, style to repairing. In addition, our contractors will cushion you from expensive crown molding or trim installation mistakes that are inconvenient and difficult to rectify. 

United Structures understands that installing a professional crown molding install can add value to your commercial or residential properties. We will ensure we do our thorough job - and common mistakes will be avoided entirely. Moreover, yhis is crucial for any project, especially when planning to resell your property in the future. New, updated trim will make your home more appealing and desired. 

Why call us?

Our technicians offer an array of design options, installation and repair options for all residential, commercial. Correspondingly, United Structures can help whether it's a new installation or restoring. 

Moreover, our technicians work with all kinds of molding and trim projects. Our license contractors can get any job done right the first time! 

In conclusion, hiring us for your project will save you money. Replacing current molding or trim requires several different tools. Some of which are specialized tools. And, our trusted technicians have access to these tools, which means, they will save you the hassle of renting or buying expensive equipment for a one-time installation. Since our pros know how to use the tools required in fence installation, there is less likelihood of costly mistakes. Likewise, hiring United Structures to install your trim you will save you money down the line on replacement and repairs.